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Enabling a circular economy.

Battery Resourcers is committed to changing the dynamics for processing end of life lithium ion batteries.

Battery Resourcers was founded in 2015 from technology created by Professor Yan Wang and his team at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Battery Resourcers is committed to changing the dynamics for processing end of life lithium ion batteries.


Most lithium ion batteries are landfilled. If they are recycled, only the metal value from the batteries is recovered. Battery Resourcers proprietary process directly synthesizes new cathode materials from spent lithium ion cells.

Battery Resourcers manufactures and delivers low-cost cathode materials to the lithium ion battery market, enabling green technologies and resulting in less landfilled material.

We are creating a sustainable pathway forward.

Meet The Team

Eric Gratz


Dr. Gratz is a co-founder of Battery Resourcers and spent three years at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) working on lithium ion battery recycling. Prior to joining WPI Dr. Gratz attended Boston University where he received his Ph.D in Materials Science with a focus on Extractive Metallurgy.

Yan Wang

Chief Scientist

Dr. Wang is a co-founder of Battery Resourcers and the primary inventor of the recycling technology. As a Professor at WPI he has been investigating lithium ion battery recycling since 2011.  He is an expert in electrochemistry with over 12 years of experience in the field.

Diran Apelian

Board Chairman

Dr. Apelian is a co-founder of Battery Resourcers and the Alcoa-Howmet Professor of Mechanical Engineering at WPI. He is the founder of the Metal Processing Institute which includes industry-university research centers in Metal Casting, Heat Treating and Recycling which have over 80 corporate partners.

Meet The Board

Board Members

Michael O'Kronley

Executive Director, Corporate Strategy
A123 Systems

Weimin Li

Vice President, Shanghai Industrial Technology Research Institute

Advisory Board

Dr. Dave Spencer

wTe Founder,
Chairman & CTO

Mike Aspinwall

CCP Equity Partners,
Managing Partner

Prof. Yet-Ming Chiang

MIT Professor
A123 Co-founder

Mr. Pearson Spaght

Fletcher Spaght Ventures,
Founding Partner

Meet The Partners

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