Premium battery materials, sustainably sourced.

Meet your performance and sustainability goals with custom material design for high-power and long-cycle-life applications.

Battery Resourcers Lithium Ion Automobile Battery

Ultra-high quality with responsible sourcing.

Battery Resourcers Lithium Ion Tech Factory

Battery Resourcers works with customers to make new materials according to their specifications.


Product offerings include:

  • NMC hydroxide and sintered cathode materials

    • Available in various metal ratios including: 111, 532, 622

    • Particle d50 available in both 5-6um and 10-12um

  • Lithium Carbonate Li2CO3

Products currently under development include:

  • High Nickel formulations including 811 and beyond

  • Single Crystal Cathodes

  • Battery Grade Graphite

Battery Resourcers Lithium Ion Battery Tech Manufacturing

Quality and sustainability without